Spa Day Soy Candle

  • $16.00

Spa Day is a relaxing and rejuvenating blend of notes of lemongrass and black currant with hints of patchouli and sugarcane. To me the lemon and lime top notes come out first. A beautiful blend and perfect for lighting after a long days work while relaxing in a hot bubble bath. 

Scent Profile: Fresh

Note Profile:
Top: Lemongrass, Lime, Lemon
Middle: Jasmine, Sugar, Black Currant
Base: Patchouli, Powder

Instructions for use: Twim wick to 1/4” before lighting. Keep candle out of the reach of children and pets and away from flammable materials such as curtains. Burn your candle for no longer than 4 hours at a time and make sure the area is free of drafts. Trim wick to 1/4” prior to lighting each time. Not for human consumption. 

Approx. Net Wt.-9 oz. All of our candles are handpoured in small batches, some variations in color may occur from batch to batch. 


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