Kid’s Body Sprays

Kid’s Body Sprays

  • $6.00

The Kids Collection wouldn’t be complete without some kid approved scented body sprays. These are currently available in four fun and fruity scents but look for more to be added soon. Our kid consultant is hard at work testing out fun new scents. These sprays are available in 2 oz. bottles. No worries mama’s(and dads) nobody will judge if you want one for yourself. I’ll be honest, I often choose one of these over our big kid sprays, especially on days I don’t want to adult. 😂

Instructions For Use: Spray as desired on skin, avoiding face, eyes and broken skin. In case of contact with the above rinse thoroughly with water. Hold bottle 12” from skin when spraying. If spraying on clothing test in an inconspicuous area first. Supervise young children if using.Stop use of irritation and/or redness occurs and consult your doctor. 


BEACH BUM- A fun tropical blend of coconuts and bananas.

BUBBLE GUM- The fruity scent of original pink bubblicious bubble gum.

COTTON CANDY- Smells just like fresh spun cotton candy- a scrumptious blend of fresh sweet strawberries and creamy vanilla.

SUMMER SPLASH- Sweet juicy pink watermelon with hints of apricot and white florals.  

Ingredients: SD Alcohol 40B, Deionized Water, Fragrance,  Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Skin-safe Colorants, Preservative. 

Net- 2 fluid Oz.  

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