Gummy Bear Soaps

  • $10.00

Who doesn’t know a kid that needs handmade gummy bear soaps in their lives? These little soaps are perfect for the kiddos at bath time and no more worrying about a whole bar of soap wasting away while being used as a boat in the tub. These little gummy bears are 1.25” tall 1” wide and 3/4” deep and are perfect for little hands and as single use soaps and can even get a couple uses out of them if they’re not left floating around the bath. Each jar contains 15-20 little gummy bears. The different colored bears are all scented in fruity fun fragrances reminiscent of real gummy bears. Our gummy bear soaps are packaged in an 8 oz. recyclable plastic container and contain about 4.75 oz. of soaps. 

Red- Watermelon

Green- Lime

Clear- Pineapple 

Yellow- Lemon

Orange- Orange 

Blue- Blue Raspberry

Net Wt: 4.75 oz. approximately 15-20 bears

Instructions: Do not get water in your container or the soaps will become mushy. Not intended for children under three due to their resemblance to candy we recommend supervising your kiddos while using. We know they look and smell like candy but please do not eat them as they taste nothing like gummy bears! Keep out of the reach of pets. 


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